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Oral histories share a legacy in a way that written stories can not. Your voice and inflection, your humor and story telling charm. No mater where you are in life, let me help you preserve your story for generations to come.

About It's Your Story Perserved

It's All About You

This family history and legacy preservation service allows you to hire me to record your memories or those of a loved one. Tell your story! You can record special events, experiences and thoughts on your life. Family members can record their story to save for generations to come. Do you know someone with a story that needs to be shared and saved for others to learn from. This service does just that! The Podcast

See what my clients are saying

Vic Jackson

"Such a great experience; Jenny was so great at helping me through! Now I have a recording that I can share with friends and family of some of the most meaningful experiences of my life! I want to do more!"

Joy Payne

"I was really impressed with how the questions were presented and the patience and time given for the answers to come naturally. It feels like I have stopped time in a way and captured a part of my kids that will now stay little forever."

Robert Kaufman

For my 75th birthday, my children treated me to an interview with Jenny Robinson to talk about my life. This was both a delightful and a valuable experience. The final product is priceless! And, it was fun!

As time passes and life passes away, we quickly lose precious memories and connections to our family. I have often thought that its like a big eraser is following behind us on our journey. It gradually erases what we remember leaving only faint, barely readable clues. When a loved one passes away, all their stories are lost completely.

I cherish the few images, and fewer video and audio recordings  I have of my family. I have no oral stories from any grandparents. Oh, how I wish I did.

My interview with Jenny was a wonderful experience. She masterfully directed the conversation to help me recall events and experiences that have shaped my life. Now, those are recorded for posterity in the FamilySearch archive for my children and all generations of grandchildren to hear, and to learn from.

I highly recommend for anyone with children and beyond to get with Jenny and record your story. 

John Doe


If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

Your Personal Storytelling Podcast

Welcome to It's Your Story Preserved, where your story takes center stage. Our unique podcasting service transforms your experiences, memories, and wisdom into captivating audio narratives. Whether celebrating special moments, preserving family legacies, or sharing inspirational tales, we're here to amplify your voice. Dive into a world where every podcast is a journey, and every story is a treasure waiting to be discovered and cherished for generations.

Crafting Your Legacy, One story at a Time

Embark on a storytelling adventure. Our service is more than just oral history preservation; it's a personalized experience that brings your stories to life. Here's how we craft your legacy: 

  1. Personalized Story Discovery: We begin by understanding you. Your life, your memories, your dreams. This is where your story takes shape. We craft the questions that you will answer as you unfold your personal lore.

  2. Professional Recording Sessions: No need to worry about the technicalities. Our expert team handles all aspects of recording, ensuring your story is captured with clarity and emotion.
  3. Editing & Production Magic: We add the finishing touches, from soothing music to perfect sound quality, making your podcast not just a recording but an immersive experience.

  4. Sharing & Preserving: Once your podcast is ready, we guide you in sharing it with your loved ones and preserving it as a digital heirloom. It’s your legacy, available for future generations to listen to and learn from.

  5. Community of Storytellers: Join our vibrant community of storytellers. Share experiences, get inspired, and connect with others who value the power of personal narratives.

With It's your Story Preserved, every person has a story worth telling. Let us help you tell yours.

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